American B Sides CD - Free Shipping

American B Sides CD - Free Shipping


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"Pop tunesmith- extroadinaire" - Phoenix New Times 

Stephen Ashbrook relocated to Portland from Tempe, AZ where he won the Phoenix Tribune's Best Acoustic Performer 1998 & 2000 and recorded his 2002 release, American B-Sides with friends from Gin Blossoms, The Pistoleros and Dead Hot Workshop. News of this new Southwestern Songwriter spread when in the summer of 2000 Ashbrook delivered a command performance for President Bill Clinton, at the request of the White House. 

Ashbrook's voice - a rolling bass profundo punctuated by a chilling falsetto- delivers tales of quiet strength and authenticity. A deeply centered stage persona coupled with remarkable song writing make this Southwest roots purveyor a talent to watch. 

Stephen Ashbrook launched his promotional campaign for American B Sides from his new home town of Portland, Oregon. The praise response has been swift as press and music industry watch a national cult following for Ashbrook come alive. Within weeks, the first single "Rock -n- Roll" was added to regular rotation in both Southern California and Arizona markets, and fetched a First Place prize in the international "" songwriters contest. The Phoenix, Arizona New Times dubbed him "Pop tunesmith-extroadinaire," and credited "Rock -n- Roll" as a "bona fide classic!" 

Heavy national touring has captured the hearts of many new fans. As the street buzz bubbles, record sales rise. With the release of American B Sides, Ashbrook has turned a wind whisper into a force gale. 

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